XBAG for kids
What is the best backpack for kids? It has to be not just functional, but also interesting. XBAG gives them the opportunity to express themselves, to experiment, to create. Everything that is so important at young age!

Moreover, it's very solid and its design is perfect for the kid's back and shoulders.
XBAG for kids
Screen is the main feature of XBAG. It's very easy to change its design: all you need is the app on your smartphone.
Ergonomic back
Thanks to the soft back and wide straps, you can carry XBAG all day long without getting tired.
Shock and water resistant
It is perfectly suitable to any weather and even sport! XBAG will protect your stuff from rain, snow, dirt and shocks.
Visible in the dark
The bright screen ensures safety: your kid will be clearly visible even in the dark.
Spacious and lightweight
Everything you might need for school, games or a walk will fit into the XBAG and you won't even notice its weight on your shoulders.
Smart design
It's made with love for details and care for comfort: it has wide straps and soft ventilated back.
Colors and models
Every XBAG model has its own advantages, and all of them are available in various colors. Choose your perfect XBAG!
Comfortable pockets
There are lots of pockets for small items inside and there's also a special one for your laptop. MAX model even has a hidden pocket on the back.
It's very easy to customize your XBAG and change images based on your mood.
Spacious and lightweight
You can put everything in your XBAG! It's a light and practical backpack, but so well organized, that every piece of that fulfill its function. Everything has its own pocket.

Laptop or tablet has its own special soft compartment, and there are four pockets for the small items and documents.
Unique LED screen
On your backpack screen you can show images, animation or text. We have a free app for iOS and Android where you can change the design in a few clicks. XBAG – art and self-expression without limits!

XBAG ONE has an open LED-screen, which can work in low and high temperatures, it is also protected from water, dirt and damage. A kid with this backpack is clearly visible in the dark.
Perfect for school
XBAG is a lightweight, spacious and colorful backpack, which is suitable for school. Dimensions of the backpack are perfect for a kid's back and the volume of the backpack allows you to pack all text- and copybooks.

The diagonal zipper, solid construction, comfortable straps and back – that's what makes this backpack comfortable for the youngest students. An open LED screen is a perfect way to express yourself and have a little break from studying!
Comfort in details
You can walk all day long with XBAG on your shoulders without getting tired. Why? Because every piece of it has been carefully designed: it has wide comfortable straps, a soft back and a reliable construction that keeps its shape.
Adjustable, wide,
31,5 in
Soft back
For long and comfortable use
Padded or solid,
keeps its shape
From kids
to teenagers
Kids of all ages love the XBAG backpacks, because they are fun, unusual and comfortable. Smart design allows you to comfortably carry the backpack all day long barely noticing its weight, and it is convenient to pack things in their own packets.
XBAG for everyone
XBAG is a perfect school backpack for kids of any age. It doesn't just fit all textbooks and protects them from water, but it also inspires to create!
under 7 years
under 4.2 ft
elementary school
7 — 13 years
4.2 ft and taller
middle school
13 years and older
5 ft and taller
high school
XBAG MAX is perfect for teenagers, because it is the most spacious and stylish model. You can take it with you to school or college or maybe even to the gym. Its style is more formal, LED screen is hidden and invisible when it's off, so XBAG MAX is suitable for business meetings. You can also use it as hand luggage while travelling.
XBAG ONE is suitable for older kids. Thanks to the diagonal zipper, all textbooks and copybooks will fit in there. Gadgets can be safely stored in a special pocket. This model has an open screen and is available in the brightest colors.
We recommend the PLUS for the youngest kids. This model is perfect for a kid's back: it is the most lightweight and compact. At the same time, XBAG PLUS is very spacious and ergonomic. It will become a reliable device in any situation.
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