What is XBAG's LED screen powered by?
The display is powered by a power bank, it is already in the box!
What is the resolution of the LED screen?
The screen displays 16.5 million colors and has a resolution of 64x64 pixels, so any pictures, inscriptions, animations and even photos look great on it!
How is the XBAG backpack packed? What is included? Is there an instruction?
Each backpack is securely packed in a beautiful individual box. The kit includes Powerbank and an instruction, which describes in detail how to use the backpack.
What is the difference between the ONE, PLUS, MAX models?
The models differ in volume, number of pockets, soft and hard casing, hidden and open screen, colors. We have made a convenient section comparing all the main characteristics.
How durable is the LED screen?
The LED display is made of 4096 durable LEDs. It has a flexible and reliable design, so if used correctly, the screen will last from 2 to 10 years. Of course, like any electronics, it can be broken from a strong blow or bending in half, so we advise you to refrain from such radical mechanical influences :-)
Will the XBAG backpack be damaged if it gets wet?
No, XBAG is ready for any whims of the weather and completely protected from moisture. The backpack will remain unharmed and dry inside.
Will it be damaged if you drop it?
No, XBAG is a shock-resistant backpack, inside it has a dense lining to protect things from external influences. You can even play sports with it!
Can I take my XBAG as carry-on luggage on the plane? Is it possible to go through the metal detector in the subway / at the airport with it?
Yes, you can safely take XBAG with you on any trip. And its dimensions do not exceed the allowable dimensions of hand luggage for most airlines.
Do XBAG backpacks have a special laptop pocket?
Yes, all models have a dedicated laptop (or tablet) protective pocket.
What laptops will fit in an XBAG backpack (ONE, PLUS, MAX)?
PLUS easily fits a 13-inch laptop, while the ONE and MAX can accommodate a 15-inch laptop.
Are XBAG backpacks suitable for school? Which model would you recommend for kids of different ages?
XBAG is great for school: it is durable and comfortable, all textbooks and notebooks will fit there, and it will protect things from bad weather and falls. We recommend PLUS for first graders, and for older children the more voluminous ONE and MAX. You can choose a suitable model for your child HERE
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