Bright and spacious backpack
Thanks to the diagonal zipper this backpack is incredibly spacious. It has a special pocket for laptop or tablet. The solid construction of the backpack is waterproof and shock-resistant. Wide straps and soft back guarantee comfortable use of the backpack. XBAG ONE has an open screen and can show any image in any colors. Classy backpack for creative people!
Unique LED screen
On your backpack screen you can show images, animation or text. We have a free app for iOS and Android where you can change the design in a few clicks. XBAG – art and self-expression without limits!

XBAG ONE has an open LED-screen, which can work in low and high temperatures, it is also protected from water, dirt and damage. A kid with this backpack is clearly visible in the dark.
Spacious and light
You can put everything in your XBAG! It's a light and small backpack, but thanks to the way it's organized every single compartment will come in handy. You can find a pocket for any items you take with you.

There is a special soft compartment for your laptop or tablet, and there are four little pockets for various small items and documents.
Safety and comfort
Wide shoulder straps and soft back provide extra comfort when carrying a heavy load. Your back won't hurt even if your XBAG is completely full. Its solid construction guarantees safety and durability.

Thanks to the diagonal zip it has a wide opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack.
32 in
Our backpacks are made of high-quality materials: Polyester 300D Oxford – 80%, thermoplastic polyurethane film – 20%. They are water-resistant, solid and durable. Smart design of the XBAG makes it perfect for everyday use and also allows you to find a place for all items you might need.
Attention to details
Useful app
It's very easy to change an image on the screen: all you have to do is download our free app LED Space for iOS and Android. There you will find a lot of animations that will fit perfectly for your self-expression.

In our app you can install different images and create your own text or drawing. It's very fast and user-friendly.
Посмотреть все анимации
Perfect for school
ONE is a lightweight, spacious and colorful backpack, which is suitable for school. Dimensions of the backpack are perfect for a kid's back and the volume of the backpack allows you to pack all text- and copybooks.

The diagonal zipper, solid construction, comfortable straps and back – that's what makes this backpack comfortable for the youngest students. An open LED screen is a perfect way to express yourself and have a little break from studying.
LED screen
Inside pockets
Laptop case
Laptop size
Open, 10x10 in, 16,5 million colors
17x14x5 in
Product specifications
15 in
820 g
20 l
XBAG ONE is available in the brightest colors, that's why kids and teenagers will love it. You can choose between light blue, sunny yellow, elegant pink, graphite or black colors.

With this smart design, rich colors and the LED screen you won't only look good, but you will also get a lot of compliments.
Available colors