Compact backpack for the big city
It's a small, but spacious backpack, which is equally comfortable for work, as well as sport and leisure. XBAG PLUS is lightweight and has well organized internal space, where you can even put a small laptop. Construction with a hidden zipper protects your things from water, dirt, damage and even theft.

Thanks to the wide straps and soft back, it will be always comfortable for you to carry this backpack. The backpack is also suitable for kids due to its small size.
Unique LED screen
On your backpack screen you can show images, animation or text. We have a free app for iOS and Android where you can change the design in a few clicks. XBAG – art and self-expression without limits!

XBAG PLUS has an open LED-screen which can't be seen when it's turned off. This backpack can work in low and high temperatures, it is also protected from water, dirt and damage.
XBAG PLUS is a safe urban backpack, which is suitable to any activity. Long walks, business meetings, gym, riding a bicycle or skateboarding – its ergonomics and shock-resistance can come in handy everywhere.

The dimensions of this backpack are perfect for active and energetic people, for people who are always in a hurry and need a compact and comfortable backpack for everyday use.
For school, work and sport
Safety and comfort
The padded construction, that helps keep the shape, wide tight straps and soft back. The internal lining protects your things from potential damage, and the hidden zipper protects them water, dirt and also ensures that your belongings cannot be stolen.

This backpack is compact, but the possibilities of its internal space are quite impressive: you can even put a small laptop in a special pocket. There are also three comfortable pockets for smaller items.
31,5 in
3 inside pockets
Attention to details
XBAG PLUS backpack cannot be affected by external factors and time. It is made of high-quality water-resistant materials: Polyester 300D Oxford – 80%, thermoplastic polyurethane film – 20%.

Thanks to smart design you can carry it with comfort for a long time. Internal space of the backpack is well organized, it's even perfect for travelling.
Useful app
It's very easy to change an image on the screen: all you have to do is download our free app LED Space for iOS and Android. There you will find a lot of animations that will fit perfectly for your self-expression.

In our app you can install different images and create your own text or drawing. It's very fast and user-friendly.
Посмотреть все анимации
Lightweight and handy
The most compact XBAG. It is easy to carry and hardly felt on the shoulders. The smart interior space with three pockets makes the XBAG PLUS an ergonomic backpack you can rely on in any situation.
LED screen
Inside pockets
Laptop case
Laptop size
Hidden, 10x10 in, 16,5 million colors
14,5x11x4,3 in
Product specifications
13 in
780 g
16 l
XBAG PLUS is a stylish urban backpack available in five different colors: black, pale gray, dark-red, blue and dark-green.

If the screen is turned off, it's completely invisible, so the backpack looks neat and formal, that's why you can take it even to the most serious meetings.
Available colors